A Story About a One Night Stand Got Me a Scholarship Offer to Attend Law School

After a dose of liquid courage and a NyQuil shooter (actually I downed some cheap wine and smoked a few cigarettes, but the aforementioned debauchery sounds more fun), I decided to cast caution to the wind and rewrite an essay two-hours before I would submit it to the admissions committee.

I won’t say where, but a story about a one night stand got me a scholarship offer to attend law school. At least part of the proof’s in the personal statement I turned in with my application:

To be frank, I spent the better part of five-months drafting a “perfect” personal statement. I shopped it around to close friends, colleagues, and professional mentors. Each weighed in, offered his or her critiques, and helped me “polish” my essay. When it came time to submit though, I hesitated.  It just seemed to lack something — my voice.

It occurred to me that a personal statement should be just that — personal. I’ve spent the last decade telling other people’s stories. This was my opportunity to share mine.  I needed to be open, reflective and express myself honestly. But how does one do that when opting to write about a lustrous affair? It’s a story I first tried to tell on Bobbing for Apples in the Big Apple, but I didn’t go into as much detail.

In many ways, this blog did help me organize my thoughts and find my words. Take a look at the screen capture below, and you’ll notice I pulled from “No Strings Attached (NSA): Lie to Me, Pinocchio!” After putting the finishing touches on my personal statement, it also inspired a blog entry well-timed for the warmer weather of the season, “Twitterpated:  Ice Queen Thaws Out for Spring.

So if you noticed I was quiet for the entire month of May, now you know why (I’ve been considering offers, weighing options, finding funding). And I hope you’ll pardon my absence in the future once classes begin. But, rest assured: I’ll still be “Bobbing for Apples in the Big Apple.” So there’ll be plenty of food for fodder, and I’ll keep posting to this blog.


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