Holiday Gift Idea: Perk Up Your Sex Life with Dancing Moon Coffee

I take my coffee just as I prefer my men: dark, strong, and full of cream.  On that note, Dancing Moon Coffee Company’s Sumatra Mandheling roast really struck a chord.  One could say it put my homosexual butt over the moon!

“In a crowded field, Dancing Moon Coffee stands out as a premium brand,” said Susan Hale, a spokesperson for the brand.  “The product line focuses on beans from the world’s best single source plantations.”

In order to maximize flavor, Dancing Moon Coffee roasts its beans in small batches.  It’s strictly organic, mold-free, and fair trade compliant.  Each cup delivers nearly three times the antioxidant power of great tea.

Research suggests Dancing Moon Coffee may very well make a good stocking stuffer for that special someone in your life because it could improve your sex life.  A recent University of Texas study found that men who drink two cups of Joe each day are 42-percent less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared to men who don’t.  Apparently that’s because caffeine triggers a chemical reaction that increases blood flow to man’s main muscle.

While we’re on the subject of men, it may interest you to know that Dancing Moon Coffee donates a portion of its proceeds to our lovely men in uniform.  Five-percent of all profits go to the Semper Fi Fund, which was set up post-9/11 to provide immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to wounded and critically ill members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

You can purchase Dancing Moon Coffee on

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Penises

Thanks to Seinfeld, we’re all familiar with the unfortunate side effect a dip in the pool can have on a man’s penis.  The cold water causes it shrivel up like a frightened turtle.  But did you know lighting up after that sweet roll in the hay may have a similar, perhaps more permanent result?  According to U.K.-based TCM Healthcare, which just released an infographic about the male appendage (arguably a homosexual’s favorite part), smoking may shrink your penis by up to one centimeter.

Apparently, the male orgasm lasts only six seconds (or thereabouts) and a teaspoon of the white stuff contains seven calories per serving.  That’s good to know, particularly if dick sauce is a part of your daily diet.  More on that in a later blog post, but in the meantime, check out this “personal touch” on a cocktail:


I digress.

The infographic below is loaded with more odd facts.  Some of it may be hard to swallow (imagine trying to get the biggest penis down your throat), but it’s interesting nonetheless.