Follow Up: Royal Chocolate Heiney Takes a Bow to America’s Bootylicous Chocolate

Bobbing for Apples in the Big Apple reader who wishes to remain anonymous called me out (rightfully so) for devoting a full blog entry entirely to UK-based Edible Anus whilst overlooking America’s version of the chocolate heiney.

What sets Chocolate Anus rather apart is the company “has teamed up with several non-profits to help educate the public about various causes from Colon Cancer to Animal Awareness.”  That’s according to its website.  Chocolate Anus likes to think it’s making the world smile one chocolate anus at a time.  It sources its chocolate from a provider that “prides itself on sustainable practices, protecting the environment and the family farm,” and is also Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade Certified.  Best of all (as my anonymous tipper points out), the chocolate a-holes are made right here in the USA.  Sounds pretty Bootylicious, eh?

If you order right after you read this post (no later than Wednesday, February 11th), Chocolate Anus will deliver your package in time for Valentine’s Day.  It’s also offering a discount.  Get ten-percent off with promo code VDAY10.  As of this posting, Chocolate Anus’s “brothers overseas” can no longer match that offer.

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Bobbing for Apples in the Big Apple naturally supports charitable initiatives and recently announced a fundraiser to support efforts in the same spirit Chocolate Anus donates to causes close to its subject matter.  Click here to learn more and donate.

Enter Apple TV Giveaway: Bobbing for Apples Goes Bobbing for Donations

Bobbing for Apples in the Big Apple is going bobbing for donations to support LGBT and New York City-oriented charities in 2015.  Since its soft launch two days ago on the crowd-funding site Fundly, the campaign has raised $69 <insert inappropriate comment here> from a handful of people <insert yet another inappropriate comment here>.

The goal is to start a significant fund in a month’s time.  As an incentive, Bobbing for Apples in the Big Apple is giving away an Apple TV to one lucky donor.  For every dollar you part with, we enter your name into a drawing.

Click here to visit the official fundraising page.

Throughout the year, Bobbing for Apples in the Big Apple will profile and share stories about the causes we choose to support. We plan to start with Cycle for Survival, an indoor cycling event that raises money for rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Depending on how much we’re able to raise in this initial crowd-funded start up initiative, Bobbing for Apples in the Big Apple would like to establish a scholarship in its name.  That would be open to LGBT youth and allies pursuing a undergraduate or advanced professional degrees at colleges and universities.